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Full Circle Moment

always come during the month of October and last night was no different. When I first moved here I was training under Jeremie McNease at Tara Simon Studios in Smyrna. Dude is such an amazing voice coach as well as vocalist himself. So a few months after working with him he invited me to an event at Center stage/Vinyl hosted by Brian Michael Cox and Mylah Music.

January, '16

I stood there in AWE; a complete fan, mesmerized at what was taking place on that stage. See what a lot of people don’t know about me is that music trances me. I can completely lose reality in the melodies of the stories and the journeys they take you on. I told Jeremie that night, I was like dude omg how can i get up there, I have to get up there; completely fanning out right. Keeping in mind ya’ll I was so green. Like I mean I had one song that I wasn’t super sure about but I was pushing the hell out of because well who the hell wants to be publicly unsure but you have to start somewhere right? Fast forward to earlier this week, friendly banter on Facebook led to an opportunity presenting itself (that’s a separate post). Five years later in the first weekend of October I opened for one of my personal favorite artists. It was my first actual paid gig and I’m completely okay telling people that because this isn’t an easy industry to build into and it also ain't for the faint of heart. It took me 5 years to get to this moment and I appreciate every experience because when the door opened I was prepared and ready to walk through. Don’t just want it, work for and prepare for it. Earn it; earn it when no one is looking, earn it when you can cheat but you choose not to, earn it when you say no to things that don’t serve your worth, earn it when you understand that not every door is your door. Last night was purpose fulfilled. Everywhere you go and everything you do should have purpose. Here’s why; last night in my eyes, was the moment I BECAME an artist. Often I get asked in interviews what I desire most from doing music? Is it money, being famous, houses etc? All of the above are nice. However from the first time I was asked until now my answer remains the same. When I sing; I want my music to move others the way my favorite artists move me. It happened. I don’t believe things are coincidence. I think there is a reason for everything. I had another song prepared for my set list but I changed it because no matter what I did It just would not come out right. I covered Charlene by Anthony Hamilton instead last night and a man stopped during my show and told my friend who was recording at the time, I gotta go call my wife. I gotta get her back. Y’all when my homeboy told me what that man said after my show I bawled like a baby. Cried some more after that. My performance made someone want to go fix their MARRIAGE.For as long as I do music, no award, no amount of money, no job will ever make me forget or take this moment for granted. It was supposed to happen the way it did and it TO ME was a right of passage as an artist. Thank you to Mykal Kilgore and his entire team, thank you Brandon and Rival entertainment. I can’t wait to see what God does next. Happy Sunday and welcome to Moments with Morris. I love you team Trae. BUCKLE UP WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED.

With Love,

T. Morris.

October, '21

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